Official Movie Costume Being Auctioned Next Month
August 27, 2018

The London Auction is Projected to Fetch Over $4.5 Million


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Kevin the Carrot and Edward Scissorhands – Together for the Holidays
November 21, 2017

Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot Returns – with Edward’s Theme Song

After making his debut last Christmas season, Kevin the Carrot is back, and he’s brought an interpolation of the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack with him!

Edward Actor Updates
Tim Burton Reunites with Alan Arkin for “Dumbo”
August 22, 2017

Burton and Arkin Teaming Up for First Collaboration Since Edward Scissorhands

Big news came out about Tim Burton’s upcoming project for Disney, Dumbo. Edward Scissorhands star Alan Arkin has joined on as a supporting actor. (more…)

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Odd Mom Out References Edward Scissorhands
August 9, 2017

First, I apologize for not posting in… forever. I’ll spare you the reasons and just say – I have some new Edward content pieces in mind and will try as hard as possible to make the updates much more frequent moving forward.

Now on to the article…

Odd Mom Out Starring Edward Scissorhands

The July 26th episode of the Bravo comedy series Odd Mom Out featured a rather prominent reference to Edward Scissorhands. In the interest of full disclosure, I have never even heard of this show until this clip showed up in my Edward Google Alert last week. I looked into it a little, and although I don’t think it appeals to my gender demographic, it does feature Andy Buckley. Fans of The Office may recognize him as the guy who portrayed David Wallace, the CEO of Dunder Mifflin for most of the series. He also was in the movie The Other Guys and made a particularly memorable cameo in a recent episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Odd Mom Out stars its creator, Jill Kargman as a fictionalized version of herself named Jill Weber. From what I gather, the basic premise is that she is a fish-out-of-water and is forced to mingle with the yuppy New York elite on a regular basis. In the clip below, she likens herself to our favorite misfit and even dons a facsimile of Johnny Depp’s costume for a moment. I have the clip queued to begin right at the start of the Edward reference. To get the full context you can watch the clip from the beginning.

If you want to see more of Odd Mom Out, the third season is currently airing on Bravo every Wednesday night at 10/9 c.

What do you think? Funny or not? Leave your opinion in the comments. 

If you see an Edward Scissorhands reference in pop culture please comment on this topic in the Community Forum and bring it to our attention!

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Edward Scissorhands Snapchat Filter!
December 19, 2016

Edward Scissorhands is Now a SnapChat Filter!

To commemorate the film’s 26th anniversary, SnapChat has released an Edward Scissorhands themed filter. Complete with music and some “cutting-edge” scissor-snipping if you raise your eyebrows, this filter is a must-try for any Edward fan!

Check out my video of the snap filter:

Edward in Other Media
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children / Edward Scissorhands Mash-Up Video
December 13, 2016

Edward in Other Media
Edward Tears Down Trump’s “Wall”
July 21, 2016

Mini-Wall Built Around Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star Dismantled by Edward Scissorhands

Donald Trump Hollywood Boulevard star with wall barricade around it

Donald Trump’s Hollywood Boulevard star with wall barricade around it

Admittedly, this one is more funny and weird than news.  In a sign of protest against the Republican presidential nominee, an artist built a six-inch concrete wall around the Donald Trump star on Hollywood Boulevard. Most likely a reference to his strict immigration policy.

Well, it garnered much attention from tourists until a familiar figure took it down. A street performer in a very convincing Edward Scissorhands costume took down the wall because “you can’t do that.” My guess this has more to do about drawing attention away from the costume wearing entertainers that earn their living their rather than a statement about Edward’s political affiliations. I found it very humorous and worth sharing though!

For more information – visit the article on the Charlotte Observer!


The Cast of Edward Scissorhands – Then and Now!
July 12, 2016

Closer Weekly Magazine Recently Posted a Nice Article About the Cast of Edward Scissorhands.. THEN and NOW!

Then and Now

Last week there was a pretty fun article about what the cast of Edward Scissorhands looked like in the movie as compared to what they look like now.

In the interest of convenience, I’ve collecting the images from the annoying slide show presentation that is plaguing the internet and presented them to you all here in a nice accordion format.

Check it Out!


Edward Merchandise
Edward Scissorhands Kotobukiya Figure Revealed!
May 19, 2016

A few months ago, I teased an upcoming action figure by Japanese company Kotobukiya depicting Edward Scissorhands as a rather attractive lady. Well, a few days ago the first actual images of the razor-bladed lady were released! This figure is part of Kotobukiya’s  Bishoujo Statue line – famous for its detailed versions of Marvel and DC Comics and other movie characters.

Edward Scissorhands Bishoujo Female Action Figure by Kotobukiya

I personally think it’s a very creative take on the character and the detail on the scissorhands looks to be some of the best out of all the Edward figures I’ve seen. Check below for a quick gallery of the figure at different angles. 

The action figure is set to be released to the public this November and will retail at $89.99. Of course, ESNet will have more infomation on the lady scisssohands figure as it is released!

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New Tim Burton Themed Restaurant with Edward Inspired Menu Items
May 5, 2016

Order Edward Scissorhands Themed Entrees at New York City’s New Beetle House Restaurant

Tim Burton Themed Restaurant Beetle House in NYC

A Tim Burton Inspired Website is Opening in New York City This Month

For those of us lucky enough to be in the East Village area of New York City in the near future, there is a new restaurant and bar inspired by Edward Scissorhands director Tim Burton. Beetle House.

Opening night is tomorrow, May 6th, and owners Chris Neil and Brian Link couldn’t be more enthusiastic to offer something different to the New York bar scene. 

“All the bars in New York are very much the same: Irish pub, Irish pub, Irish pub, Irish pub, Irish pub, sports bar, Irish pub,” Neil said. “And I’m not Irish and I don’t like sports.”

From the menu items to the decor and wall art, the entire establishment pays tribute to the dark and creative world of Tim Burton, including our beloved Edward Scissorhands. Edward-inspired food and drink selections include: Edward Burger Hands and the cocktail Edward’s Lemonade.

You can view the entire menu on the official Beetle House website and check out the unique decor in the gallery below. If any of our visitors are fortunate enough to patron this establishment please let us know about your experience in the comments or on our forums.

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