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Edward Scissorhands: The Comic?
December 2, 2015

Did you know Edward Scissorhands had a comic book series?

IDW Edward Scissorhands Comic

IDW Edward Scissorhands Comic Book Sample

An exert from an issue of the IDW Edward Scissorhands Coming


IDW Publishing, the fourth-largest comic book publisher in the United States that specializes in expanding on popular movies and TV shows tried their hand at continuing Edward’s story a few years ago.

DISCLAIMER: As frequent visitors of ES.Net will quickly discover, I’m a HUGE opponent of any form of sequel to Edward Scissorhands and I dread the inevitable release of a remake. I feel any attempt to continue the story would only cheapen the palpable bittersweet ending of the original.


That being said – the initial concept of the IDW comic book is actually pretty good. The adorable and naive little girl that elderly Kim tells the story to at the beginning of the story is the central character. Apparently, her name is Meg and grew up with a fascination of her grandmother’s pointy-fingered ex-boyfriend. Eventually, her curiosity gets the better of her and she sets out to find Edward Scissorhands.

Edward Scissorhands IDW Comic Cover

Oh Eddie – What Have They Done To You?

There appears to be 10 issues of the series divided into two parts. The first doesn’t seem to have a subtitle and follows the premise of Meg and Edward getting to know one another and investigating strange occurrences around Suburbia. The second is titled “Whole Again” and appears to be about Meg assisting Edward in undergoing a hand-transplant procedure. This is where the series derails completely. Not only is that plot-line so obviously simple a preschooler could have conceived it, Edward seems to go through all sorts of slap-sticky mishaps in order to obtain his 10 digits. Basically, they created a bastardization of my beloved character and it gets me more upset than it should. This story-arc culminates in issue #9 with that I consider to be the most blasphemous Edward Scissorhands art drawing to date: a celebrity-style magazine  cover with what appears to be Michael Jackson in an Edward costume showing off his new accessories. (Is that jazz hands?) Unfortunately for poor Edward, his hands are short lived. In issue 10 he sacrifices them to save Meg from a mad-scientist looking woman. How surgically attached hands accomplish this task is unbeknownst to me but I’m sure its a very ridiculous reason. If the idea itself of an Edward Scissorhands comic doesn’t already jump the shark, the final two issues certainly do.

While I won’t be reading this comic book series since, like the Matthew Bourne dance adaptation – which I will undoubtedly be discussing later, it will only detract from the original masterpiece.

But, in the spirit of providing you with all things Edward, you can check it out here. 

I’ve also posted a gallery below of a few of the comic covers. The serious cover art is easily the best contribution from IDW to the Edward universe.

So, I’ll conclude be thanking the heavens we never had to endure an Edward Scissorhands video game or Edward Scissorhands: The Animated Series and if these is as cartoony and whacky as Edward gets, it’s not so bad in the grand scheme of things. If anyone has read this series please leave your take in comments or take it to the forum for further discussion.



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