The Cast of Edward Scissorhands – Then and Now!
July 12, 2016

Closer Weekly Magazine Recently Posted a Nice Article About the Cast of Edward Scissorhands.. THEN and NOW!

Then and Now

Last week there was a pretty fun article about what the cast of Edward Scissorhands looked like in the movie as compared to what they look like now.

In the interest of convenience, I’ve collecting the images from the annoying slide show presentation that is plaguing the internet and presented them to you all here in a nice accordion format.

Check it Out!

The Cast of Edward Scissorhands…. Then and Now

Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands


Playing the titular character proved to be a very good career choice for the former teen idol. He has since rose to prominence as one the most recognizable celebrities in Hollywood. Since then he has appeared in Pirates of the Carribean, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and more recently in the critically acclaimed Black Mass

Winona Ryder as Kim Boggs


Winona Ryder was a very popular actress when she appeared in Edward Scissorhands. It’s also one of the few times you can see her as a blonde. The on-screen romance with Johnny Depp was probably very natural, as they were a couple in real life as well.

Dianne Wiest as Peg Boggs


“Ding-dong the Avon lady!” Dianne Wiest stole our hearts as the kindly housewife who saw nothing but good in the strange man she met on her Avon calls. She can also be seen in I Am Sam, Woody Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway, and as Nora Lewin in the TV drama Law & Order

Anthony Michael Hall as Jim


John Hughes favorite Anthony Michael Hall shed his geeky stereotype to play the main antagonist and bully Jim (last name not needed). Post-Edward he found moderate success as the main character in the science fiction drama The Dead Zone as well as a minor role in The Dark Knight. However, he will always be known for his roles in 80’s classics The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Sixteen Candles, and Vacation.

Alan Arkin as Bill Boggs


Alan Arkin is the quintessential 90’s dad in Edward Scissorhands. He is also known for Little Miss Sunshine and best picture winner Argo

Kathy Baker as Joyce Monroe


Kathy Baker was perfect as the flirty, gossipy neighbor Joyce. Shortly after Edward Scissorhands, she starred as Dr. Jill Brock in the drama Picket Fences. Recenty, she had minor roles in the Walt Disney bio pic Saving Mr.Banks and the psychic sci-fi show Medium.

O-Lan Jones as Esmeralda


Ahh… the strange, overly religious neighbor who thought Edward was the spawn of Satan. O-Lan Jones actually played the organ hymns that you hear in her scenes in the movie. Years later, she worked with Tim Burton again in the 1996 science fiction comedy Mars Attacks!

Conchata Ferrell as Helen


Conchata Ferrell had a small but memorable role as the brash and no-nonsense neighbor in Edward Scissorhands. She was the vinegar to Joyce’s honey you could say. Sitcom viewers may know her as Berta in the long-running Two and a Half Men.

Caroline Aaron as Marge


A very small player in the film – Marge is probably best known for being the first of the gossipy neighbors to spot Edward being driven to the Boggs’ residence by Peg. She naturally dropped everything she was doing to call Helen about the new stranger. Since then she was been in numerous films and movies including Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, and the film reboot of Johnny Depp’s breakthrough TV series 21 Jump Street.

Dick Anthony Williams as Officer Allen


One of my absolute favorite scenes in the movie is Officer Allen discussing Edward with  the psychologist and then giving sage advice to Mr. Scissorhands. Dick Anthony Williams had a very full career on both stage and screen. He appeared in nearly 100 movies and TV shows before his death in February 2012.

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