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Edward Tears Down Trump’s “Wall”
July 21, 2016

Mini-Wall Built Around Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star Dismantled by Edward Scissorhands

Donald Trump Hollywood Boulevard star with wall barricade around it

Donald Trump’s Hollywood Boulevard star with wall barricade around it

Admittedly, this one is more funny and weird than news.  In a sign of protest against the Republican presidential nominee, an artist built a six-inch concrete wall around the Donald Trump star on Hollywood Boulevard. Most likely a reference to his strict immigration policy.

Well, it garnered much attention from tourists until a familiar figure took it down. A street performer in a very convincing Edward Scissorhands costume took down the wall because “you can’t do that.” My guess this has more to do about drawing attention away from the costume wearing entertainers that earn their living their rather than a statement about Edward’s political affiliations. I found it very humorous and worth sharing though!

For more information – visit the article on the Charlotte Observer!


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